Why the last five months are hot means nothing

In an earlier POST  I discussed the broad dimensions of the lie that “this month was the 8th hottest ever”.   I discussed this earlier from a top-down perspective where I showed that the data is expected to show exactly that and that this data is obviously worthless in determining a trend.  In fact, as I showed, we would be SURPRISED to NOT find the hottest decade ever in the last decade.  Now I tackle the question from a statistical point of view.  Why is this a common and rather stupid mistake to make?

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Why “second hottest month ever” is meaningless

The most common claim that the planet Earth is still warming is common phrases like “this month is the second hottest ever” and today I am here to tell you why this statistic and uttering it is not only mis-leading, but rather straight out lying.  Anyone who claims such a thing is being deceitful or perhaps ignorant.  This is because we are expected to assume that this means that the planet is currently warming AND that the reason this is happening is due to mankind’s emissions of CO2.  But this statistic does not answer either question as I will explain…and that anyone making such a claim is pointing out that the sky is blue and that the reason this is so is because of man.  There is no proof of any such claim and of course the logic is faulty because as I will explain, the truth is that you can tell nothing at all from this statistic.

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