Simple poetic verse

Cry, the beloved country.  (basis of this short poem or verse.)


Cry for all that is lost.  From simple innocence of wanting simple things in life such as on demand power and not being called names for it.


Cry for seeking truth in science and being told you may not have it.


Cry for simple justice in wanting equal treatment for theories that may or may not be politically correct in science.


Cry for politicians willing to sell their countries for pieces of silver.


Cry for the birds that must be butchered to make a bunch of hippies feel good about themselves.


Cry for higher power bills for all for a subject that very few care about and could care less about.


Cry for simply wanting equal treatment for political ideologies and not being called names for this belief.


Cry for a loss of freedom of speech for freedom of religion and above all else the end of capitalism which is being turned into a planned economy world-wide where cronies and rich soak up all the money at the expense of the poor and where free enterprise is dead.


In the breaking sunlight we may all pray to whatever deity we worship and cry for the death of not just simple death which happens to us all, but the death of each of our countries and of progress.  The end of an era will approach as it always does and we might cry about it, but the fact is the dawn brings a new age where 1984 and animal farms have gone from simple novels of warning to reality.


Where we have ALL failed to stop the change that swept each of our countries over into failure and where discourse of this subject is not even allowed.


Indeed, we should all cry for a bit.