Australia, the long story continues

Prior to this I discussed some issues with Australia with a lot of help from Ozboy and his blog and attempted to explain this so American’s could understand what is going on of course in said country.

But the story is not over.  First things first, the story continues with the introduction of an official “climate bill” in Australia’s equivalent of the senate.   The explanation can best be found here as to why it matters:

To sum it up quickly, Julian of course campaigned and won the seat of prime minister by promising to never introduce a carbon tax and she for the reasons of keeping the job has introduced that same tax.  Rather funny and the reasoning is that she is holding on by a twig to power and unless she does something like this to appease her supporters she could very quickly lose her position due to a vote of no confidence.

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Australia’s political turmoil continues

As I explained in the previous blog entry, and as I link to the source once again,

the politics of Australia continue to heat up and various movements and counter-movements have now resulted in a combination of censorship from Julia:

who is the current PM of Australia.  This type of censorship of scandal surrounding a person in power is nothing new and we witnessed this indeed in the US a couple of time in recent years first with Richard Nixon and finally with Bill Clinton.  This is what makes this incident so interesting.  notably, the threats of lawsuits and libel complaints against anyone who reports news is rather telling and the fact that it took media outlets a day to get the truth out is also slightly perplexing, but at the very least the media relented and decided to print the news anyway.

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Politics down under, what is happening in Australia!?

I think its time to spread the word on what is going on halfway across our globe in the land down under.  For most Americans, these issues are probably unheard of, but I think this is important as it shows how politicians the world over are all the same.  Same type of person, halfway across the world….

First off, I like this article about recent scandals:

From that same story:


Apperantly, using a Labor credit card, a sitting member of parliament has been bailed out by his political party and they have allowed this certain individual to continue to pay for other things not just sex.  This is because under law a sitting member of parliament can NOT be bankrupt.

And some interesting back-story to fill in the details of why this apparently minor scam matters:

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