The US Department of Justice at it again.

In conjunction with the UK police, our own DOJ headed by the president (where all responsibility of some sort must rest) has gone after a UK citizen who has not committed any crimes but is investigating said citizen.  For what you might ask?  Well it seems like this person was one of the people who got the information about the climate-gate 2.0 emails who as most people realize by now these emails were not obtained illegally.  In that sense, why are the police investigating this in the first place?

The questions about raiding the home of a citizen (of a foreign country no less) who simply received the tip of the information of where these emails were stored (and since the emails are from the UK anyway) is somewhat questionable and leaves one to wonder what the point of this really is.  Why are the police and especially the US Justice Department after an individual who the police have told “is not a person of interest” and is not being investigated?  Why were his computers seized and why is the US Department of Justice behind this in any way?

The answers are not quite clear at this stage in the game, but as the emails revealed did have some relevance behind them to the US Government where certain inviduals who work for the Government in various agencies are implicated in fraud and other nefarious schemes.  But in the end, this person had nothing to do with the release and the only possible link is that this person was given the information as to where the emails information was stored.  To that end, this seems more like a fishing expedition and perhaps is nothing short of harassment that is another example of what the US justice department has become.

My only thought at this stage of the game other than to give links to further information is to ask that perhaps the people who should be investigated are perhaps those in the Government that were proven to be part of fraud and lying?  Why aren’t they being investigated at this time for knowingly and willfully lying to both the people of this country and the country itself?  In any regard, here is the story from a couple different sources:

And something to think about at this point in the game.  There are very big people so far who have been implicated in the 5000 emails released so far.  But there are over 200,000 emails that are hidden in the same package that were encrypted.  The password to release these were never released, so at this point we have no idea how many more people could possibly be implicated at the end of this mess.  As some may say, we have not seen nothing yet.


A call to clean up our science and Politics

Recently, it has become apparent through the release of approximately 5000 emails from scientists and various activists and others that even more shady behavior has been going along in climate science.  The last piece of the puzzle in this regard of course is the political connection, but the obvious connection between science and activists is very apparent and it occurs among all of the famous climate scientists and they are influenced by and influence activists with their techniques of working together for the “cause” (As they call it.)

Several emails in particular highlight this rather unhealthy relationship.  Science always gets ideas wherever it can receive them, but it should never be influenced by this and conversely balanced activism should never have scientists telling them “which scientists they can trust.”

But for now just the emails I will discuss: (2890 first)

………CRU’s position (we don’t take positions!), well my position is simply that we can’t use hurricane changes as a detection variable, but precautionary principle clearly suggests (given some theoretical grounds for danger) we should reckon our systems are going to have to cope with more and worse in the future.

The previous discussion involves hurricanes and a discussion between Mike Hulme (scientist) with WWF who at this time wanted to broadcast how global warming was causing hurricane Floyd.  Just yet another unhealthy relationship there and some very interesting things said by a so-called scientist in that email.

Other emails that show this connection include: 5233 which shows a discussion of how the WWF can use more radical (or sober as they call it) portraits of the GCM results by not making the results statistically significant.  The scientist again in this case is M. Hulme who has no problems with this omission of facts at all.  4330 is another interesting email in this regard which once again shows outside contact between WWF, scientists and in this case the email itself shows us plenty at the end of it: (Email is to Mike Hulme).


……….I particularly like one of his statements which went something like ‘It would be very presumptious of us if we thought we could exactly model something as complex as the natural environment…..’ a good way of describing the complexity we face.
I will make fresh contact with WWF this week to see if they have any interest in trialling the disc and creating  teacher guidance notes on potential uses for the disc.

Jane Measures BP Britannic House

Now stopping there for a second, there are plenty of emails that I recommend reading that have similar veins in this with connections between the scientists and the green organizations.  The relevant emails in this regard are:

1006, 1216, 2890, 3141, 4127, 4221, 4280, 4330, 5233. (some have been mentioned earlier, but that is just the exhaustive list.)

Again, this shows us that there is definite connections between scientists and activists which goes far beyond normal working relationships and go towards a belief and or cause (as they call it.)  I seem to think this is evidence that we must be careful and we must act now.

The BBC has already been shown to be biased as in this news article:–game-shows.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

This bias where activists and scientists would give the BBC advice on how to show only one side of the issue is very clear and the BBC actually paid these people to help them stay biased.  That is a nightmare coming to the BBC as it shows that not only did they use public funds to help them deceive their own public, but they would also allow these same scientists and activists to edit programs to show the right message for “the cause.”

And we could go on and on how the plot has thickened in the AGW debate since the release of more emails which shows even more scientists who broke the law (but will not be prosecuted due to statute of limitations issues.)  In other words, the emails prove even more so then the first set of climate-gate emails that these scientists lie, cheat, steal and do anything they can get away with to fulfill their false science under the guise of the “pre-cautionary principle.”  This is strictly speaking nothing about science but more about a cult.   The BBC is biased as shown, and there are roughly 220,000 emails still locked away to be released for various reasons.  These emails at some point will be released and if they hold as many bombshells as this current set does, well then…the end result is exactly the same and the level that this corruption exists to is anyone’s guesses.  I will remind everyone that very few emails have surfaced between politicians and scientists which I will remind everyone is sure to be contained in the remaining emails.

So if this does not break the camel’s back, the next batch ought to ruin more than some scientists and activists.

Let us also remember that these same scientists telling the world that they never lied when the evidence is right in front of the scientists is even more outrageous.  The only solution to this is obvious, and it involves removing green activism in any form by removing the tax-exempt status these organizations have and taxing them and putting rules on them as far as lobbying in politics goes.  As for the scientists, I fully believe a good portion of them do deserve jail time for breaking laws.  And the solution is to wash them out of academia first and then prosecute them for crimes they have committed including fraud.

Same goes for the activists, if they committed fraud on people by lying and cheating to generate income in any form, they too are guilty of fraud under our laws.

So the evidence is there for everyone to read, the question is what are we going to do about it?  Are we going to allow them 2 years again to get off with a slap on the wrist for employing these techniques?

Or will we actually hold them accountable for their actions as normal people should be?