Happy Fourth Of July

It is pretty exciting to see modern events happening in real-time.  I really especially enjoyed the recent news and how the press had cameras on the marches and the crowds.  We got to basically feel the energy and the determination of both sides which is undoubtably one of the only benefits to 24/7 media.  And the witness of a momentous event that was almost completely blood-less was something of a wonder.  This is not to say these kind of events are to be necessarily wanted, but namely that when they do happen its nice to have a front-row seat so to speak.  Perhaps this kind of scrutiny drives people to find peaceful methods to their operation as well?  With the entire world watching, its difficult to pull things off that both sides might have attempted if the scrutiny had not been applied.  As I type this blog report up on the Fourth Of July, I can not but help but wonder if events came together just for our holiday celebrating freedom?  It’s a nice sentiment anyway.


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And that is how the cookie crumbles

Today in a speech viewed all across the world, the president has unveiled his plan to solve the largest crisis to face our children ever.  This momentous crisis of course is the problem of cookie crumbling.  When appealing to his fan-base of first graders, he made it will known that he will not tolerate discussion or even debate.  As he states:

So today, for the sake of our children, and the health and safety of all
Americans, I’m directing the Environmental Protection Agency to put an end to
the limitless dumping of cookies from our power plants, and complete
new pollution standards for both new and existing power plants.  (Applause.)

The statement was a resounding success as the auditorium of first graders loved it.  More cookies for all!  All children know that more is better as this commercial shows:

And so his statement that we need to stop the limit-less pollution of cookies and save those cookies for the first graders was a resounding success.

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Rainy Day Fun – Life in Florida

I am just another resident of Florida and I can’t say I am enjoying this year’s first tropical storm all that much.  This week has been rain and more rain.  Up here in Northern Florida, we typically get the non-violent wet portions of tropical storms and tornadoes but very little wind damage if you except the fallen pecan tree limbs.  My garden which I finally caught up on is in full bloom as it goes (I will take a picture later if the weather allows and if it’s not dark)


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Why the last five months are hot means nothing

In an earlier POST  I discussed the broad dimensions of the lie that “this month was the 8th hottest ever”.   I discussed this earlier from a top-down perspective where I showed that the data is expected to show exactly that and that this data is obviously worthless in determining a trend.  In fact, as I showed, we would be SURPRISED to NOT find the hottest decade ever in the last decade.  Now I tackle the question from a statistical point of view.  Why is this a common and rather stupid mistake to make?

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The huge contradiction

The Holocene Climate Optimum was a period of time 8000-5000 years BP (before present) where temperatures were from 1 to 2 degrees C warmer than today is.  Even after all of the “unprecedented warming” that we have seen in the last 100 years we are still cooler than the height of this time period.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_climatic_optimum

So the obvious question is: Why is this time period called the Climate Optimum when it was up to 2 degrees warmer than today AND we are also told by the same climate scientists that 2 degrees of warming would result in catastrophe?

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The end of gun control

Just yesterday, the blueprint for the world’s first 3D printable gun was released onto the internet.  Over 100,000 people downloaded the design and thus the era of the world’s most undetectable gun was born.  This gun CAN be made completely from plastic and when you consider that anyone can buy a 3D printer (with the right amount of money) the era of guns that are not controllable at all from Washington has been born.  Any attempts to control guns in general and make it more cumbersome to acquire will just from now on push more and more people into this new option.  Since the world is the limit on what can be designed and printed, it is likely that guns that are currently regulated will soon become printable with these printers.


The world’s first printable 3D gun, the Liberator.

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