Time to Abolish the EPA

We recently saw how the EPA failed utterly to prevent water contamination in West Virginia: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/west-virginia-water-woes-continue-as-new-tests-reveal-more-contamination/

And how the EPA just completely missed the boat on regulating actual pollution to keep the people safe.  This failure shows that the resources they waste like here:


Are really starting to harm the people by not giving them protection from actual pollution.  Instead of going after actual pollution, the EPA is too busy going after the bogeyman of CO2, which is a harmless gas that exists naturally on our planet, much unlike the spill in West Virginia which is actually harmful to people.  In this instance, we see how the mis-placed priorities of the EPA have actually caused harm to people now.  This is proof positive that its time to get rid of the EPA and start over from scratch with an organization that is not going to waste our money on the following frivolous things:

1) Regulating things that are naturally occurring gases that nature emits more of than man.

2) giving lectures to green groups and eco-loons telling them how to sue the Government.

3)  Giving away their funds to green lawyers who successfully sue the Government.

4)  Going after random industries and giving a pass to others based on political considerations.

5)  Arranging secret meetings to discuss with green groups the best way to defraud our Government.

Most of this is explicitly illegal, and just like the IRS scandal, its probably going to result in no one going to jail under a corrupt administration that does not believe in sending those guilty to jail.  We deserve this Government in the end, and we deserve what it does because we elected a Chicago style politician to office twice.  Its no surprise than that corruption like this is so rampant throughout Government, the only question is, what are we going to do about it?  Are we the people going to accept a Government involved in RICO violations and a wastage of our money to special interest groups?  Or are we going to put a stop to it?  


solar power’s environmental nightmare …

Good write up, thought I would pass this along.


Not just a blight on the landscape, but the materials used create their own environmental hazards. It could easily have been gas power, using much less land and materials, like the one we have in Broome.  An idyll blighted by 18,000 solar panels: Seen from the sky, the reality of alternative energy

Row after row, this astonishing array of solar panels has completely engulfed an enormous 30-acre field in the heart of the countryside.

As this aerial photograph reveals, acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside have been blighted as a result, by 18,000 solar panels.  The solar farm covers a staggering 30 acres of land creating a massive eyesore in the centre of an otherwise picturesque view.

The solar farm, Cadland Estate at Fawley in Hampshire, covers a staggering 30 acres of land creating a massive eyesore in the centre of an otherwise picturesque view

Photographer Tim Woodcock, 54, captured the…

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Watts Up With That?

Just last month, these were the claims:

We’re screwed: 11,000 years’ worth of ­climate data prove it.  It’s among the most compelling bits of proof out there that human beings are behind global warming, and as such has become a target on Mann’s back for climate denialists looking to draw a bead on scientists. — The Atlantic, March 9th

Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years The modern rise that has recreated the temperatures of 5,000 years ago is occurring at an exceedingly rapid clip on a geological time scale, appearing in graphs in the new paper as a sharp vertical spike. — Justin Gillis, New York Times, March 7th

Study: Recent heat spike unlike anything in 11,000 years  “Rapid” head spike unlike anything in 11,000 years. Research released Thursday in the journal Science uses fossils of tiny marine organisms to reconstruct global temperatures …. It shows how…

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Do not do that!

The modern environmental movement is one of the off-shoots of global warming that I always poke fun at indirectly, but one of the most important aspects of the movement is what it does.  At first, the movement was a collection of people who in their heart probably thought they were doing the right thing and at the beginning they indeed had causes such as cleaning up our respective nations and making our environment cleaner.  But over time there comes a point where technology can do no better and where the movement turns to stagnation.  This is where we are today with the environmental movement turning into stagnation and instead of using facts uses emotional tirades to prove its points.

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A Time to kill Civilization – Part 1

There is always a time for every action under the sun.  Just like creation, destruction is a part of life.  Our duty as rational people however is to keep these two opposing forms in check in some matter.  To put in bluntly: The mistakes of civilizations that killed themselves off due to policies of death or wanton destruction are especially keen.  These civilizations instead of innovating and creating simply put destroyed themselves through neglect and/or forced and wanton destruction.  This is also seen today with the policy of killing off our modern society with laws that will have only one logical conclusion: the destruction of Western Civilization.

I am going to post this famous line: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

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Quick and Dirty Introduction

This post is an introduction and where new people to the blog can feel free to post.  When I publicize the blog, this is where discussion will not be as moderated as much, but the rating will probably be closer to PG-13, so fair warning.  This blog is published under a rating of PG as an illustration.

Will edit more later.