The joke of Rio (+20)

For most people, the entire concept of Rio+20 or United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, is really nothing to be worried about.  Indeed, most of the world’s (larger) leaders are staying away and otherwise skipping this massive and ironically “unsustainable” party where vast amounts of food and drink will be consumed at a rather “unsustainable” level and where I have no doubt large amounts of illicit drugs and other forms of partying will occur.  But, for appearance sakes, they will send “Delegates” to party.  The amount of CO2 emissions put out due to air travel and other forms of travel just make this entire event a joke.  What is the point to this escapade if the world will no longer agree to anything due to nothing but the current recession world-wide?



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Self-fulfilling prophecies

It is quite telling when we are told one thing and then…well yes that thing comes true but only because people forced it to happen.  It reminds me of a self-fulfilling prophecy which if you think of it is the most common type of prophecy that ever comes true.  This is because the prophecy causes people to act in a certain way to make sure it happens just as it is written.  Just like predictions of doom and gloom occur, those same predictions are reported as fact from media and other political activists who want to say: “We said X and you see X happened, so listen to us.”

The largest issue with this type of logic is of course the problem that every prediction or prophecy if you will that is predicted is not reported so if you predict 100 things to happen and only 10 happen, well that is rather bad but the worst of it is that you would expect at least 10 things to happen regardless.  Therefore, these predictions and/or prophecies are nothing but worthless ramblings and the people who fall for this line of thinking are falling for logical fallacies.  Yes, the entire AGW movement or global warming movement is based upon nothing but computer models when you get down to it.  Read More: As such, the end result is that the entire movement is more religious in that you have to take a leap of faith to believe in the movement in the first place.  This belief separates this movement from reality and as you go further down the road to cult-like thinking…well yes then it becomes nothing but a bunch of hot air and wild prophecies that are nothing to reality.


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Al Gore, the story of a descent into madness

Once upon a time in a land very close to us, chads saved the country from being violated by a true lunatic.  Not just any chads, but “hanging chads.” These improperly completed voting slips changed the results of the election for better or for worse and the nation hung on just for a bit longer.  Or maybe we can thank Florida for in actuality for selecting a better man for the office.  Hate him or love him, George W. Bush was a much better president than Al Gore could have ever been.  I personally do not like George W. Bush very much, but on the other hand, the alternative here was much worse.

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On the other hand, some people say that it was not chads, but a conspiracy and yet others still claim that it was the fault of the US election system that was to blame.  Recount upon recount occurred, but as we all know the story unfolded as we know it did.  The first time the supreme court of the US ever decided an election for itself.

The rest of this article is going to be rather surprising.  I am not going to focus on criticizing the man or otherwise deriding him like most people would and since this happens enough anyway, I think it is clear to put this thought forward: Al Gore has serious issues.  Since he never got help for any of these issues in the past, he goes on as if he has no problems and will not face his demons.  We all have our demons and it is important to recognize them and to deal with them.  From there, we can move on and live functional lives no matter what life throws at them.  People may claim that Al Gore never faced a real life, but I will throw this in here right now: he has from one event lived the worst of the worst and we should recognize that the man does deserve to be ridiculed for a lot, but on the other hand we should be trying to get the man help too.

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