Wind Power: all of the aesthetic beauty of a wiener

After every argument in favor of wind power is deconstructed as it is here:

and here:

The only argument left standing is that we should build these monsters because they are pretty.  You can talk to any green and they will go on and on about how they admire the aesthetic view of them from afar and how they want to gaze upon their naked faces in the glowing embers of sunset.




But the truth is far simpler.  These giant phallic symbols are simply the green activists view of the world where Gaia (Mother Earth) is thrusting out of her loins a giant wiener to strike back at man-kind complete with blades on the end.  If you look at this field and imagine the Earth below them, this is what they appear to be.  In the glowing embers of sunset, the green activist is actually admiring giant phallic symbols thrusting out of the water as in this example.  To them this is the pinnacle of human achievement and that we should abandon coal, oil and other useful sources of power because they do not please.  Perhaps activists admire them more during the bright noon sun.

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, If society condones admiring something because of its similarity to certain anatomy and then building this all over the planet, are we simply building monuments to our existence because of how they resemble ourselves?  And if we do this, are we not playing fast and loose with reality by putting into the natural world artificial creations that resemble our private parts because they please us?  What is the point of this exercise anyway?  If no one really knows whether wind turbines decrease emissions of CO2 and that they cost more than coal by three times, why do we build them?  So that some green activist can please himself?  So that middle class people can flog themselves and pay more for an inferior product?  So that the rich people in the world can get richer at the expense of everyone else in higher power bills?  None of these reasons are even remotely humanistic, and it borders on the insane to think people want to build wind turbines because they look nice.

As these boondoggles continue to be built, we can continue to see that people are deciding on sources of power not on their reliability or their ease of construction but because they can become giant monuments to a new religion of self-worship.  Eventually, the entire fetish will become unpopular and will crash and burn just like wind turbines are want to do.




So what can we do to fight the insanity?  I would assert that the best bet for now is to do nothing and we ignore them and hope that as a rich man’s novelty that they simply go the way of the dodo before too many people get ripped off.  I personally hope that is all we need to do and that this fetish that people have for wind power simply disappears and allows the rest of society to look at real concerns in the world instead of side-shows like wind power and global warming that are only yet another way rich people are bilking the poor.


4 responses to “Wind Power: all of the aesthetic beauty of a wiener

  1. I read this on another blog yesterday:

    It just keeps getting more and more ridiculous the insistence on using a technology that is actually causing more damage than coal and NG, raising emissions, and all to make people feel like they are “saving the planet”. The planet doesn’t need saved. The human race needs saved from those amongst it out to destroy humans, however.

    • Well stated. I only question whether they are destroying humans or only destroying “most humans”. Remember, these are not the brightest crayons in the box.

    • Just got back into town, that is a good picture to show what happens with wind power, namely that it is not “forever” and that its not perfect. I am going to write more about how its “fear of change” that forces people to believe in rather abstract beliefs. Wind power is inherently an old technology that is obsolete. Without modern break-throughs, proponents of wind basically argue that we should spend more money and use a worse substitute because they are scared of change.

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