Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher deserve each other

I know right off the bat this topic is going to get me in trouble. But as my largest point of contention or theme so to speak in writing has been to expose hypocrisy and likewise lies, I think this is important. Both of these men are guilty of doing the same thing. Obviously everyone right now is talking about how Rush Limbaugh called a law student names that were uncalled for and I for one am not going to defend him. He knew what he was doing and he can take his lumps like a grown man.

But what about Bill Maher who did the same thing in reference to Sarah Palin?  He called her the C-Word which is slightly worse according to women I talk to and was also un-called for.  Where was the moral outrage over that uncalled insult.  Like I said before, these two were made for each other and perhaps they should get married in a state that allows it.  As a Libertarian as well, heck, why not allow them the freedom that they so desire obviously?

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