Journalistic Excellence

Well, in essence, we have two fails in a row for the New York Times, the first comes from the vaulted “Fail-Gate” where I hate to point the finger at the New York Times when they simply parroted an article trotted out by every other media outlet in this country, but heck, they did it to themselves by not fact-checking it themselves.  Read more here.

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Why I could Never Vote for Ron Paul

Although domestically some may say Ron Paul has some great views and that this man could save our country from our current debt crisis, there are some great problems with what he says and believes.  Very few people who like him refute this and seem to agree that there are some issues here.  The problem is not inherently in that he is too political but the problem comes to his lack of pragmatism.  In the real world, you can take the moral high ground for as long as you want, but in the end your morals have to be questioned and have to be pushed everyday and judged not in the black and white like you believe they are, but in the shades of gray that every single decision we make is actually a part of.  This is life, and this is what the man Ron Paul misses out on.  He is a good politician and without getting into the political disagreements and problems I have with his past, I will just focus on what he says about his ideals and the issues therein.

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