Freedom of speech

The latest threat to free speech (And freedom in general) is not really a threat per se, but more the implications of the precedent that is currently being set.  This threat is rather insidious in that lies are being told by omission and/or through half-truths set to deceive people of what the actual truth is.  To be fair, this is true in just about every free democracy today.  In this case among others, some speech is considered free and championed and speech of the same type from a different viewpoint is termed hateful rhetoric”,”racist” , and even “radical.”  This double standard of where speech of one type is termed “heroic” and the same style of speech elsewhere is termed “radical” is a double-standard where our own media is abusing the freedom of the press and where Governments as well are using this to insult and rather persecute people not based on what they say but based on their feelings and the political implications on the issue.

Take a recent site I found on “facts about Australia”.  At this site at :  It says among other things the following:

“Gillard is pursuing her campaign promises to build a national broadband network and price carbon. ” But as I have written about before: this is false.  Video:

It is in other words an insidious hiding of the true facts that the PM of Australia promised in her campaign to not put carbon taxes into play but is doing so anyway.  This lying through deceit on official Government sites is very similar to another topic that has “wasted people’s time” at local news.  The other part where this type of insidious danger to our freedom of speech is of course the very popular “1% protests” or as I will call them from here on “The Wall-street protests.”

This threat is rather pervasive in that the press and most Governments make an exception for one group and not for another.  It goes back to my common theme of “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.”  This is the same case where Governments publicize data and go out of their way for some individuals and caused (Such as Green causes) but for others they throw the entire book at them.  It is a double standard where we are witnessing it with our own very eyes with these same Wall-street protesters.  When the tea party would protest, they were not allowed to trespass.  They were also called names, insulted, and otherwise not allowed to even spit on the sidewalk.  But the protest Wal-street group gets away with loitering, trespassing, and just making a nuisance of themselves.  This double standard is very similar to lies being told on official Government websites around the world and this includes NASA and such where lies about what is causing our globe to warm are similarly told daily.

What has motivated us as a society to put up with such a double standard?  This is scary and it is quite insidious because as I have mentioned, we are approaching a dystopia result seen in just about every dystopia novel ever written.  The books Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World are of course the more well-known, but let us not forget the lesser known ones which I have read most of as well.  The most prevalent themes in each of these novels is how society reached the point where the leaders installed a ferocious dictatorship over them and maintain this fascism with lies, slander, and of course the pervasive double-speak.  The old-fashioned method of talking about one person and yet another by calling them equal but in the same sentence calling one superior to the other.  And of course the most popular, the people need to be entertained or otherwise kept happy by misdirection.

At this point, some might wonder what exactly I am talking about.  In this case, I am talking about the fear that is generated by the media and eaten up by activists, politicians, cronies, and others who profit from a perpetual state of fear that leaves the populace distracted, out of the loop, and otherwise completely lost when it comes to what is really going on in the world.  We can blame the tea party for whatever we want to, and this is acceptable, but no one would blame the Wall-street protesters even for the mayhem they directly cause.  This sort of spectacle is considered heroic and otherwise trumped-up to far above what it really is which in the end is similar to most dystopia novels where some sort of drug, entertainment and/or spectacle of course is used to control the populace.  While we are busy arguing about whether the Wall-Street protesters have a point most people are missing the crucial fact that it is pointless.  The protests in the end are just a spectacle and it is just another group of people who are jealous of those who make more than them either through better luck, through being more creative and/or through higher intelligence.  This type of class-warfare just continues the distractions and provides the entertainment or the circus that distracts us from those small lies I mentioned earlier.

I mention both of these facets of dystopia novels to give an illustration of where we are heading.  If I for instance did not know better, I might think that some people are so mis-guided as to think the famous dystopia novels are novels to “live by.”  But that would be naive to think that people can not be power-hungry and/or evil.  In either case, this is the problem where politicians will sell our rights of free speech and will lie freely to the population who are kept distracted from these lies with “cookies.”  And while the population is distracted with “its cake” our leaders further erode our most basic rights.

What does this say about our potential future?  We are not completely lost and the situation is not bleak by any means.  But the more we allow people to trample our rights and to lie with impunity, the more these same people will do so until they become tyrants.  We always have a choice, and the first choice here is to ignore the circus, and focus on the lies being told.  Look straight at the job losses caused by the EPA.  Look at the lies NASA tells through deception and omission of pertinent facts.

Look at how even our own media is using freedom of the press to further spread these same lies.  The lies are within plain sight like I showed above with NASA and Australia.  Look at how the EPA tells us that they can destroy a part of society and despite the fallacy involved there still expand the economy through destruction (green economy).  It is all within plain sight, and in the mean-time our media is stuck on this circus called “the 1%’ers”.


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