Self-fulfilling prophecies

It is quite telling when we are told one thing and then…well yes that thing comes true but only because people forced it to happen.  It reminds me of a self-fulfilling prophecy which if you think of it is the most common type of prophecy that ever comes true.  This is because the prophecy causes people to act in a certain way to make sure it happens just as it is written.  Just like predictions of doom and gloom occur, those same predictions are reported as fact from media and other political activists who want to say: “We said X and you see X happened, so listen to us.”

The largest issue with this type of logic is of course the problem that every prediction or prophecy if you will that is predicted is not reported so if you predict 100 things to happen and only 10 happen, well that is rather bad but the worst of it is that you would expect at least 10 things to happen regardless.  Therefore, these predictions and/or prophecies are nothing but worthless ramblings and the people who fall for this line of thinking are falling for logical fallacies.  Yes, the entire AGW movement or global warming movement is based upon nothing but computer models when you get down to it.  Read More: As such, the end result is that the entire movement is more religious in that you have to take a leap of faith to believe in the movement in the first place.  This belief separates this movement from reality and as you go further down the road to cult-like thinking…well yes then it becomes nothing but a bunch of hot air and wild prophecies that are nothing to reality.


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Perhaps this is why when people call Al Gore the “goracle” and other such names, it is appropriate.  After all, these people do everything but call themselves prophets and tell humanity that it is evil and must repent…. of course nowadays with greens such as Al Gore the act of repenting also means giving billions to these clowns through the subsidies we still today give to wind power producers or to the people we pay for “carbon indulgences” or any other “Green item” that we have today.  It is a scam pure and simple and people in the US and all over the world fall for it for a number of reasons but the number one reason is the self-fulfilling prophecy which claims that the future was predicted and that the truth is “worse than we thought.”

In other words, the church of Al Gore will now accept all indulgences regardless of your current CO2 emissions and will turn around and cause fewer emissions elsewhere to be emitted…by, lets see murder, arson and forcing people off their lands!  Well now that is not too bad, because on the bright side it is for the “greater good” and the purpose is to “save humanity” so after all this must be a good thing right?  Because after all if you allow people to have indulgences, rich people such as Bono et al can feel good about emitting as much CO2 as small countries and we want them to be happy right?

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From this article and recent events, we see that in the name of saving humanity we likewise destroy humanity.  This indeed is one of those “inconvenient truths” of focusing on one topic to such an extent that we do not see the forest through the trees.  Indeed, they are displacing people in this case to plant trees, but they are missing the big picture and the forest they create is worthless.  The worst part about all of this is that this is another self-fulfilling prophecy but the truly dangerous angle on this one is that it was predicted that people would be forced to move due to changes in climate.  But due to the “scary future climate changes” people are now forced to move.  Circular logic and reasoning all told, and this is why we must question people who make these predictions of the future.  How do people know that climate change will force people to move?  Well you know this is true if you force those same people to move through violence.

In essence: Innocent people are being displaced in third world countries in the name of the environment and even worse in the name of “the greater good.”  Maybe we can sit back and tell people “well someone has to be whipped” but the truth is that next time the whipping boy might be me or you.   This was a lesson the entire world should know by now from reading the history of the 20th century.  But it appears as we drive forward into the 21st that we will need to re-learn this lesson through even more blood and violence.

Any movement that professes to do something for the greater good must always be scrutinized especially hard because atrocities have been committed to such an extent in this name in the last 100 years that anyone who does not question that ideal is especially just deluding themselves or is in other words repeating the mistakes of the past and being a fool.

It is up to all of us to make sure that humanity is not destroyed by any movement and that freedom continues for the next generation.  Although predictions of our children’s lives around wild weather events might happen to occur all the time and we will hear about it because like I said, these self-fulfilling prophecies which tend to contradict each other at the same time will be predicted in such a way as to make sure that at least 10% of them will come true.  Just like if I was to predict that “due to global warming” we will see warming temperatures, cooling temperatures and no-change in temperatures I will be right because one of those has to happen.

That is probably the crucial problem in the end for prophecies in general.  If they are vague enough to cover every eventuality, their worth is basically zero and humanity gains nothing from said prophecies.  Just the same with the self-fulfilling prophecy of climate refugees, we see that the predictions that are said to be because of global warming are indeed occurring because of global warming.  In other words, these predictions are occurring because man is causing them but instead of through CO2; they are caused through direct involvement of kicking people off of their own lands and murdering any that are too slow such as children.

Should we as humanity be worried?  I think so because in the end this type of behavior sets people up to say some scary eventuality and to work their heart’s out to make sure that scary scenario occurs.  If we defeat the prophecy angle at the start, well they will know that they can not trick us and like-wise we will not be hood-winked as a society into giving a religious movement our hard-earned money and time for a problem that they created in the first place.


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