Australia, the long story continues

Prior to this I discussed some issues with Australia with a lot of help from Ozboy and his blog and attempted to explain this so American’s could understand what is going on of course in said country.

But the story is not over.  First things first, the story continues with the introduction of an official “climate bill” in Australia’s equivalent of the senate.   The explanation can best be found here as to why it matters:

To sum it up quickly, Julian of course campaigned and won the seat of prime minister by promising to never introduce a carbon tax and she for the reasons of keeping the job has introduced that same tax.  Rather funny and the reasoning is that she is holding on by a twig to power and unless she does something like this to appease her supporters she could very quickly lose her position due to a vote of no confidence.

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Self-fulfilling prophecies

It is quite telling when we are told one thing and then…well yes that thing comes true but only because people forced it to happen.  It reminds me of a self-fulfilling prophecy which if you think of it is the most common type of prophecy that ever comes true.  This is because the prophecy causes people to act in a certain way to make sure it happens just as it is written.  Just like predictions of doom and gloom occur, those same predictions are reported as fact from media and other political activists who want to say: “We said X and you see X happened, so listen to us.”

The largest issue with this type of logic is of course the problem that every prediction or prophecy if you will that is predicted is not reported so if you predict 100 things to happen and only 10 happen, well that is rather bad but the worst of it is that you would expect at least 10 things to happen regardless.  Therefore, these predictions and/or prophecies are nothing but worthless ramblings and the people who fall for this line of thinking are falling for logical fallacies.  Yes, the entire AGW movement or global warming movement is based upon nothing but computer models when you get down to it.  Read More: As such, the end result is that the entire movement is more religious in that you have to take a leap of faith to believe in the movement in the first place.  This belief separates this movement from reality and as you go further down the road to cult-like thinking…well yes then it becomes nothing but a bunch of hot air and wild prophecies that are nothing to reality.


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Simple poetic verse

Cry, the beloved country.  (basis of this short poem or verse.)


Cry for all that is lost.  From simple innocence of wanting simple things in life such as on demand power and not being called names for it.


Cry for seeking truth in science and being told you may not have it.


Cry for simple justice in wanting equal treatment for theories that may or may not be politically correct in science.


Cry for politicians willing to sell their countries for pieces of silver.


Cry for the birds that must be butchered to make a bunch of hippies feel good about themselves.


Cry for higher power bills for all for a subject that very few care about and could care less about.


Cry for simply wanting equal treatment for political ideologies and not being called names for this belief.


Cry for a loss of freedom of speech for freedom of religion and above all else the end of capitalism which is being turned into a planned economy world-wide where cronies and rich soak up all the money at the expense of the poor and where free enterprise is dead.


In the breaking sunlight we may all pray to whatever deity we worship and cry for the death of not just simple death which happens to us all, but the death of each of our countries and of progress.  The end of an era will approach as it always does and we might cry about it, but the fact is the dawn brings a new age where 1984 and animal farms have gone from simple novels of warning to reality.


Where we have ALL failed to stop the change that swept each of our countries over into failure and where discourse of this subject is not even allowed.


Indeed, we should all cry for a bit.

Obama: I declare war on the rich, but it is not class warfare.

For anyone listening to the president recently, he seems to like to repeat that lie that his plan “to tax the rich” is not class warfare. I guess the assumption with him is that if he repeats this lie enough times it makes it true and perhaps he is a hero in his own eyes from the novel 1984 where double-speak is normal and where everything done is good by the Government.  Really odd that supposedly a well-educated person could think like this.

What are we supposed to do with a president who is so far from reality that he has no clue what normal Americans deal with?  While the president is giving away barrels of money to solar companies and other cronies, the rest of us have to have a balanced budget that is not in the trillions of dollars.  He will not balance a budget or pay down what is owed like American’s are forced to.  So what do we do?  Well the solution like in 1984 is to put the truth out for the world to see.

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Obama tells American’s: What deficit?

Well, I thought I was going to have an entire plan to show why it is wrong, but apparently President Obama And Krueger (Freddy perhaps) decided to release half a plan and promise to show “reductions in the budget later” while at the same time President Obama is stumping about passing it as it is.  So basically this new “super-committee” is going to balance out these costs at some later unspecified time and we will never hear about it again.

I am frankly personally disappointed in congress for setting up such a thing that will result in vague returns and will probably never be followed through on.  The compromise is now being used against them as the president drives the deficit up more without paying for it other than saying, well this committee will deal with it because they are “super.”

The plan simply put is another fantasy that shows that these two do indeed believe in unicorns as shown below:

Picture from:

Does he think congress and likewise Americans are completely retarded?  He pulled this type of behavior countless times when he would promise a second plan to offset concerns and never delivers.  Sorry, release a full plan and go from there.  Not some magical plan based on fantasy and unicorns.  Give us some real plans instead of half a plan and platitudes to choke the above unicorn.

Let’s also not mention how he just basically ignoring months of battles over the deficit and his solution is to “trust me” I will make this balance but we first must pass this as it is.  The best part of all of this?  Today he had the gall to say this: “We spent a whole summer fussing about the deficit.”   So now that they fussed about the deficit all summer long we can piss into the wind and just add to the deficit?  This man is seriously arrogant to say the least.

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Al Gore, the story of a descent into madness

Once upon a time in a land very close to us, chads saved the country from being violated by a true lunatic.  Not just any chads, but “hanging chads.” These improperly completed voting slips changed the results of the election for better or for worse and the nation hung on just for a bit longer.  Or maybe we can thank Florida for in actuality for selecting a better man for the office.  Hate him or love him, George W. Bush was a much better president than Al Gore could have ever been.  I personally do not like George W. Bush very much, but on the other hand, the alternative here was much worse.

picture courtesy of:

On the other hand, some people say that it was not chads, but a conspiracy and yet others still claim that it was the fault of the US election system that was to blame.  Recount upon recount occurred, but as we all know the story unfolded as we know it did.  The first time the supreme court of the US ever decided an election for itself.

The rest of this article is going to be rather surprising.  I am not going to focus on criticizing the man or otherwise deriding him like most people would and since this happens enough anyway, I think it is clear to put this thought forward: Al Gore has serious issues.  Since he never got help for any of these issues in the past, he goes on as if he has no problems and will not face his demons.  We all have our demons and it is important to recognize them and to deal with them.  From there, we can move on and live functional lives no matter what life throws at them.  People may claim that Al Gore never faced a real life, but I will throw this in here right now: he has from one event lived the worst of the worst and we should recognize that the man does deserve to be ridiculed for a lot, but on the other hand we should be trying to get the man help too.

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Obama and Krueger attempt to save the economy, part Deux

First off, we were promised the “grand plan on how the president was going to save the economy” at the end of last week or “at the very latest by the start of this week.”  Being Wednesday at midnight I assume the plan is not being released anytime soon (although we are promised Thursday now).  So since nothing is being said, job numbers are still in the toilet and to boot every single one of President Obama’s initiatives have failed to add real jobs to our economy.  As I posted earlier, perhaps this time is different if you believe in unicorn farts saving your face from the effect of ageing and other weird stuff.

Photo source:,0,3610220.story?track=rss

As this photo shows, the president is not having an easy time of things.  I will say one thing in defense of the president: there was nothing he could have done from the start to make our economy any better.  The entire QE (which I discussed in an earlier post to death) episode has probably just prolonged the recession and possibly made it worse.  The only purpose of QE ever is to stop a depression from starting and to “theoretically suffer a longer recession but avoid a depression.”  That is just one of the things the president has tried to turn things around.  And he has tried, but everything he has done has either had little effect or the opposite effect, and to boot instead of focusing on jobs which is what the people of this country care about, he has still maintained his other political agendas which actually as I showed take away from the job market.  The reason for this is that the primary purpose of the president’s political agenda has nothing to do with creating jobs, his purpose is to simply achieve his political goals regardless of the cost.

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