Australia’s political turmoil continues

As I explained in the previous blog entry, and as I link to the source once again,

the politics of Australia continue to heat up and various movements and counter-movements have now resulted in a combination of censorship from Julia:

who is the current PM of Australia.  This type of censorship of scandal surrounding a person in power is nothing new and we witnessed this indeed in the US a couple of time in recent years first with Richard Nixon and finally with Bill Clinton.  This is what makes this incident so interesting.  notably, the threats of lawsuits and libel complaints against anyone who reports news is rather telling and the fact that it took media outlets a day to get the truth out is also slightly perplexing, but at the very least the media relented and decided to print the news anyway.

But this has implications and this case will probably end one of two ways.  Either the Bill Clinton route where the presidency is rather weakened and distracted by a long drawn out expedition, or like Richard Nixon where the presidency (PM of course) is removed rather quickly and with some zeal.

Since the PM already has little support, numerous labor supporters (MP’s or representatives if you will) and others are dropping ship like crazy and talking about how they will not be running for re-election, we can be sure that this administration is done by 2013 and more than likely sooner with such little support.

This information comes mostly from comments read in the comment section of the aforementioned site.  For more information that is from the “horse’s mouth” in other words, please visit the site I linked to:

For additional information of the day’s events: here is your link.

The rest of the week is shaping up to be interesting.  Time differences means that 2:30AM in the morning here in Missouri corresponds to approximately 7:30PM in the evening in the capital city of Australia.  So Wednesday has come and went with some interesting news.  Now we shall see how the week ends, but for all intents and purposes, Julia Gillard is pretty much finished as the PM and as a politician.  It’s only a matter of time now and it appears that she will only go kicking and screaming much like Richard Nixon a long time ago here in the US.


One response to “Australia’s political turmoil continues

  1. Yes Ben, Julia the Red is finished – and with her, Labor. The only questions that remain are when and how, not if.

    Good summary and once again, thanks for the link.

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