Repost: The big story is whales

This story is from back in Jan. six monthes ago from today (Jan. 2011) and its worth a relook.

Back in Jan., green organizations pushed the not so news that whales were in danger versus the lives of sailors who were under threat back then from pack ice that had formed rather unexpectantly.  Needless to say, this situation worked itself out and the sailors were all rescued by big ice-breakers.  But the point was that the article on “whales being threatened” was in the very same waters that these sailors were in the process of dying.  In any regard here is the post in its entirety from back then:

Yes, some whales *might cough cough be at risk due to oil exploration.  This might not
seem like much of a story, but it contrasts with the story of 348 members of two
fishing ships stuck in pack ice that formed very quickly in the same sea.  Is
there even one mention of this occurance in those stories?  Nope, not even

Here is the link to the reuters article:

like a fairly normal article from Reuters, but you would think with a little
digging even the worst amateur reporter could figure out what else is going in
the same sea….

as we can tell from that article, Reuters officially just copied the press
release from WWF.  Seems that whales are a larger issue to these
environmentalists then the lives of sailors.  As an environmentalist said on a

“The Russians on
the ships are not in their natural environment and no one forced them into the
situation and if they die their species will not become extinct. “
“Response to xxx who, apparently, thinks that the inconvenience of some iced in sailors is more
newsworthy for an environmental blog than the likelihood of extinction of a race
of whales. “

I for one am not impressed?  Isn’t the
point of environmentalism to strive to make the environment the best we can for
both MAN and NATURE?  This is just a slap in the face to those 350 sailors
fighting for their lives in the cold Far East Sea.  They are deemed less
important then the lives of 120 whales.


news on the real event happening look here:

should be noted that the rescue operations have been on-going for almost a month
now trying to free the stuck ships which got stuck when conditions changed


– Post Note: this story was interesting on the aspects of what is considered news worthy and what is not. When lives are at risk at sea, apperantly its not news if its due to cold weather.  Something to think about for the future.


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