Quick and Dirty Introduction

This post is an introduction and where new people to the blog can feel free to post.  When I publicize the blog, this is where discussion will not be as moderated as much, but the rating will probably be closer to PG-13, so fair warning.  This blog is published under a rating of PG as an illustration.

Will edit more later.


4 responses to “Quick and Dirty Introduction

      • One thing you might like to consider is using the “more” tag after the first paragraph or so of your posts. I do this with LibertyGibbert, and all the authors at the Telegraph, including JD, do as well. It makes it a lot easier for casual readers to scan your home page and choose which articles they want to dive into.

        Just a suggestion.

        • Thanks!

          I finally figured out how to use that tag. I was kind of annoyed myself at the length of the posts..so figured it out..was right in front of me all along!

          There are a few other things I am trying to figure out. The functionality with this blog overall is quite interesting and fun. Not like the other blog I used, which was rather difficult to say the least.

          In other news, still going to figure out an avatar, might just use the hockey sticks since it works. Still have 4 more posts to move over. The last two were actually one very long post and I have a third to add to it. Nothing really special, but I think it might help some people out in figuring things out so to speak.

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