Note: Lots of posts incoming

Over next couple of weeks, multiple posts will be moved over here from a variety of sources, so if the amount of content is mind boggling, rest-assured that its temporary for the time being since most of the material like the GE article is already mostly written and only needed some references and filling in to make it work out.

I will be in the process of moving older posts from another blog I had going for just family over the next couple of weeks, so depending on when this gets publicized, you might see a large number of posts above and beyond what normally will occur just from this as well.  The older posts and essays which I posted elsewhere online will be given dates as appropriate and/or edited to reflect things that have changed since the original posts.

Do not feel over-whelmed, I am just moving the posts to keep everything in one place centrally so as to organize so to speak.  The comment thread as I call it will be kept near the top during this transition time period.


-Ben from MO, -The Show-Me State.


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